Nothing would be possible without the dedicated work of our members. Their volunteer work is essential in turning ideas into reality.


Every volunteer works for free, with the happiness of the people being their greatest reward. Their commitment to work is what separates them from everyone else.

Primary activities of Smyrna Kiwanis Club

Providing food

No individual should lie into bed with an empty stomach.

Volunteering work

Kiwanis guides volunteers to work that needs to be done.


Mentoring children

Teaching children how to love, respect and help others is essential in their development.

Support the supports

Many people want to help others, and Kiwanis is there to show them how.

The driving force of the community

Kiwanis is a non-profit organization that helps communities through different projects that are funded by donations. Every local club branch decides which projects need attention and where the money should go. Supervisors can jump in and give advice on what to do, but this rarely happens as branch leaders are responsible members of the Kiwanis Club.

Kiwanis Club works closely with UNICEF when it comes to big projects in third-world countries. UNICEF has an extensive database that helps us to determine where the help is most needed at any moment. UNICEF supports Kiwanis, and therefore many successful projects outside of the USA and Europe are the results of the collaboration between us and UNICEF.

The goal of Kiwanis Club is to help people through donations and volunteer work. Collaborations with other similar organizations are common as sticking together makes us stronger. Partnerships make tasks easier as there is more money to pour into projects.

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