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Since 1986 the Smyrna Golden K Kiwanis Club gas actively participated in community affairs and service projects in Cobb County. We have been recognized by Kiwanis International, local governments, local schools and churches as one of the most influential service organizations in the area. Smyrna Golden K Kiwanis has received numerous awards for its service to children, seniors and those in need.

If you are looking for a way to serve your community, your neighbors and pay your “civic rent,” we invite you to join the Smyrna Golden K Kiwanis.

Becoming a member of a Kiwanis Club is rewarding for those that want to improve particular elements of their community. If you’re going to join, then you will become a member as there won’t be any obstacles that will prevent you from doing it.

If you don’t have any unique skills, then you will become one of the volunteers that go out and do physical work. This is a crucial segment of what our organization does as fieldwork is what matters in the short-run. Don’t think that you aren’t helping through volunteering as Kiwanis rests on the shoulders of volunteers.

 Those people that don’t have time for volunteering can also help if they want. The Club runs on the donations of ordinary people and companies, and thus any contribution you can give will mean a lot.

Kiwanis International is trying to help the community in any way possible. This means that specialized individuals are always welcome to share their skills and help. We will find a way you can help no matter what your specialization is.

Those that know how to work with children can visit schools and mentor classes on various subjects. We welcome any individual that has skills that focus on the education of children. Contact us if you think that your skills can help and we will find a way to use you and your abilities.

If you don’t like how your community looks then do something to change it. Joining Kiwanis is one of the ways through which you can give back to people around you.