5 Reasons to Do Volunteer Work

In today’s world of social awareness and connectivity, more people than ever are deciding to put their skills to use and volunteer in an effort to better society and the people in it. Here are five primary reasons why volunteering is worth the time that you invest:

BECOME PART OF A COMMUNITY: By giving back to the area in which you live, you will make last connections and become ingrained in the community and its people. Local charitable organizations are one of the best places to meet like-minded people in your community while giving yourself the opportunity to cultivate new friendships and become part of the fabric of your area.

LEARN NEW SKILLS: Volunteering is an ideal way to pick up a myriad of unique life skills. By purposefully choosing organizations that give volunteers new experiences, you can set yourself up with the chance to better your skill set and make yourself more marketable for a variety of real-world career opportunities. Choosing volunteer work outside of your usual comfort zone is a great way to expand your horizons and pick up valuable new skills.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Whether you are volunteering at home or abroad, volunteering gives you the opportunity to truly make a difference in the world around you. By harnessing your sense of civic responsibility, you can be a part of the greater good on both a local and global scale. There is no better feeling than knowing that your efforts made a difference in the lives of the people around you.

BOOST YOUR HEALTH: By focusing on the needs of others, you automatically shift thoughts away from your own personal problems. This change of focus leads to decreased levels of stress and a natural strengthening of your body’s immune system. Volunteering is especially helpful for older people because it gives them a sense of greater purpose and encourages a more robust lifestyle.

NETWORKING ADVANTAGES: Savvy business entrepreneurs understand the importance of becoming involved in volunteer organizations as a means to network with other leaders. The relationships formed while working in a philanthropic capacity can be leveraged for career development and financial benefit. Not only does this work look good on a resume, but it also gives you the opportunity to connect with people outside of your normal sphere on influence.